Septen Movie World Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival - April 28, 2011
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The 20-member band Septentrional has been making music for 62 years as Haiti's most celebrated big band. This inspirational documentary charts the history of Haiti from its triumphant independence from French colonialism to 2010's devastating earthquake—all set to the vibrant music of Septentrional and punctuated with its members' personal memories. Featuring a wealth of live rehearsal and performance footage, When the Drum Is Beating is a poignant and high-energy story of resilience.




2011 Film Spotlight: When the Drum is Beating




[DRUMI] | 2011 | 84 min | Feature Documentary

Directed by: Whitney Dow

(When the Drum Is Beating)
In English, Creole with English subtitles.
Haiti USA

World Premiere


Interests: Documentary Music


Cast & Credits

Primary Cast:
Nikol Levy, Michel Tassy, Ulrick Pierre-Louis, Jocelyn "T-Bass" Alce, Yvenel "Saure" Etienne, Orchestre Septentrional
Whitney Dow
Daniel Morel, Jane V. Regan, Jennifer Latham
Nancy Kennedy, Federico Rosenzvit, Hemal Trivedi
Executive Producer:
Marco Williams
Camera & Sound:
Tom Hurwitz, Eddie Marritz, Mark Mandler, John Zecca, Jonathan Fumanski, Neils Alpert


Press Contact

Casey De La Rosa
Tribeca Film Festival
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 941-2374
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